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Apr 9, 2013
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Weekend Trip: Head To Phoenix For the Best Pizza in America

Saturday, 10am: It’s a four-hour drive into Phoenix, which means you’ll need a cup of strong coffee and at least some scrambled eggs to get you in the right mood for the road. RIght outside of Alcazar’s front door is Cheeky’s (622 N. Palm Canyon Drive; 760-327-7595), a bright breakfast spot that also does a brisk to-go business. Or, better yet, set the alarm a little earlier and dip over to TRIO (707 N. Palm Canyon Drive; 760-864-3211) for their popular brunch. The fried egg sandwich with smoked bacon is probably exactly what you need to get going, but don’t nibble in their comfortable chairs too long. Pizza awaits.

Saturday, 2pm: Head straight to Pizzeria Bianco (623 E. Adams St.; 602-258-8300), just off of downtown on East Adams Street. Since the four-hour drive from Palm Springs hasn’t deterred you, don’t get discouraged at the line that’s formed out front. This is, after all, America’s best pizza. Hop into the fray and start smelling the bready aromas pushing through the 40-odd seat restaurant. Soon enough, you’ll be inside. If you came with a group (and why wouldn’t you?), send a search party next door to Bar Bianco (623 E. Adams St.; 602-528-3699) for a beer, then trade off when the pint is done. If you’re starved from your time spent crossing the Arizona border, order up a supremely snackable pile of spicy, roasted pecans from the bar. They’re guaranteed to make the line move a little faster (or at least seem that way). Once you’re inside, order to your heart’s content. The Wiseguy, with roasted onion, smoked mozzarella and fennel sausage, is a popular option, as is the traditional Margherita. To taste the quality of Bianco’s own line of canned tomatoes, go for the cheeseless Marinara, which gets dusted with oregano and garlic only.

See the whole itinerary here.

Here’s my first travel piece for KCET’s Living series. Pizza in Phoenix!


Jan 15, 2013
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CASCADA from NRS Films on Vimeo.


Beautiful but Terrifying: Kayaking Over a Waterfall

Trekking through the Tlapocayan jungle in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, seven men from Forge Motion Pictures brave bugs and inclement weather to capture water in its most natural, most treacherous state: the waterfall.

This made me gasp out loud as I ate a bagel.

(via theatlantic)