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Jul 26, 2012
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Outdoor Beer Drinking: Five Great Westside Spots

In this part of town, the air is breezier, the sun seems to shine a little more clearly, and the sand and surf are never far away. Here, summertime means something very different than a lot of those Eastside-ish spots. Things are more relaxed, as if the summer never really left at all. And, depending on where you’re doing your patio drinking, maybe that’s true. 

You may scoff at the designation of a Manhattan Beach hangout as a ‘Westside’ joint, but you certainly can’t turn your nose up at Simmzy’s, one of the best casual pubs in all of Southern California. The menu is inspired, with a blue cheese haystack of fries and a burger that are both out of this world. Yet, the star here will always be the tap list, an extensively curated selection of $6 pours that is sure to satiate the masses. Chimays and Sam Adams small batches share the chalkboard with abbey ales from San Diego’s The Lost Abbey, or seasonals from Sierra Nevada. All this, plus a straight shot look from the patio down to the Manhattan Beach Pier. You might have a hard time landing a table outside, but when you do, you’ll realize that Simmzy’s is exactly the type of place you should make a summertime destination.

If you’re looking for Westside drinking with all the frills, Moonshadows in Malibu is your kind of place. It’s upscale, with plenty of tinted blue lighting and $20 bottles of Affligem Blonde. There’s also an unbelievable patio with sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean and all along the coastline. Sure, the place has a sordid history with celebrities and it’s one hell of an expensive cab ride home, but for pure ocean aesthetics with a full bar, there’s not much that beats Moonshadows.

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