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May 9, 2012
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Minutiæ #7 - Reconciliation

Early bird catches the leavin’s, so plan ahead to get out to Old Stone Alley for the third annual Dogbone Cook-Off. Top local cheffs will be rumblin’ for first in three categories: presentation, sucklin’ taste, and type of dog. Winner gets 20 free minutes at the Fleischmann’s Meat Counter to ogle the steaks. (Old Stone Alley, May 22nd)

This old 1934 event listing and many more can be found within the pages of the latest issue of Minutiæ. There’s an entire section dedicated to the proud magazine’s 150 year history, plus a slew of new content aimed at sexualizing today’s youth and immortalizing one of the world’s greatest Def Jam comedians with a week-long festival in the desert.  

Don’t be shy.

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