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Apr 23, 2012
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The UCB Corps is the best.


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The Work:

Our task was to sort through donations of clothes, shoes and accessories.  We divided everyday clothes, job interview clothes and dressy clothes.  We tossed anything that was in bad condition, rubber-banded pairs of shoes & organized the area.  

They said we did the best job.  

With very little coaxing.  

We did the best.

Oh, yeah.

Check it:

Spring is here, and now is as good a time as ever to look in your closet and pitch the stuff you don’t wear anymore.  Maybe look around your house, perhaps its time for a clearing.  We are talking clothes, shoes, bags, beauty products, jewelry, bras, socks, household items etc.  Go here to see what they are most in need of now.  

DWC accepts donations at 442 S. San Pedro Street, LA 90013, during the Day Center’s hours: weekdays 6am-4pm and weekends 8am-2pm.  If you have any questions email at donategoods@dwcweb.org or (213) 680-0600.  They unfortunately cannot pick up donations.  

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